Jewellery Inspired By the THC Molecule

Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Lapel Pins, & More

The THC molecule is a subtle and tasteful way to represent the change of cannabis culture. Unlike the marijuana leaf, which many people may unfortunately relate to negatively, the THC molecule carries no stigma. It speaks to the scientific and medical value that marijuana provides without evoking feelings of "pot culture".

Available for every budget and need. Support our movement in a stylish and tasteful way with THC Molecule-inspired jewellery from GeniferM.



Tasteful, stylish, and made with care, you'll love our scientific-studs. 

Only from GENIFER M.


A stylish and subtle way to support cannabis culture, our necklaces are made

Lapel Pins

Nothing touches off an upscale outfit better than a molecular lapel pin. Show off the scientific, medical, and recreeational benefits of cannabis in a tasteful and professional way.

Fashion Pins

Mark the molecule anywhere you'd like with our THC molecule pins.