Sativa Marijuana Leaf Earrings: Sterling Silver

Sativa Marijuana Leaf Earrings: Sterling Silver

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Wonderfully crafted from sterling silver, these beautiful earrings measure 10mm, 20mm, and 30mm high. Modeled after an actual cannabis leaf that was used in the design of this wonderful wearable art, these earrings are made of sterling silver. This high quality beautiful design will add that certain something to any outfit. These earrings are an integral component of our cannabis-inspired jewelry collection and are part of our La Princessa line. If you want to make a positive statement in fashion's latest trend in the growing world of legalized marijuana, be sure to start with these earrings.

The quality of these earrings, like all jewelry from GENIFER M, is unsurpassed.

These cannabis-inspired earrings are also available in 14kt white gold with diamonds, 14kt white gold, and 14kt yellow gold.

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