GENIFER M T-Shirts and Tanks

GENIFER M T-Shirts and Tanks


Make a positive fashion statement in the growing world of legalized marijuana by wearing a GENIFER M tank or V-neck.  Demonstrate times are changing and that it isn’t all about pot culture. It is about giving people a choice.  Start the Conversation, Legalize it or wear the GENIFER M logo. Tanks and V-Necks come in either pink or grey.

Follow these easy steps to select from the catagories below to order your GENIFER M T-shirt or Tank:

  1. Choose your size - both the T-shirt and tank are available in S, M, L, XL
  2. Next choose your favorite color - the T-shirt and tank are available in Pink or Grey
  3. Choose either a V-neck or tank shirt
  4. Choose that positive statement... Genifer M logo, Start the Conversation or Legalize it!
  5. Select the quantity of  T-shirts or Tanks you would like to order.
  6. Lastly, click the Add to Cart button.

All shirts come with the GENIFER M cannabis inspired jewelry on the lower back.

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