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The goal of our jewelry is to open the discussion about topics of cannabis, and create a space in which you can fully express your beliefs, hopes, and passion for cannabis. The opportunity to educate the healing properties of cannabis with the mission to make a difference in people's life. With every piece of jewelry that is bought and worn with pride allows you to Start the Conversation about Cannabis.  

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Sativa Marijuana Leaf Pendant: 14kt White Gold with Diamonds

"I love my Genifer M Diamond Leaf and I always get multiple compliments whenever I wear it."




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Sativa Marijuana Leaf Pendant: Sterling Silver

Sativa Marijuana Leaf Earrings: Sterling Silver

Besides the beautiful sativa leaf, the first thing I noticed was the quality craftsmanship of the pieces. My Genifer M Jewelry will stand the test of time just like my support for cannabis. 





Sativa Marijuana Leaf Cut Out Disc Pendant - 14 kt Gold

“I also wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the jewelry that I got at your booth! I feel like it’s such a nice way to support cannabis in a “non-intrusive, but ask me questions if you’re curious” type of way. I have been wearing it all week!”


I’m so in love with my GENIFER M necklace.”


“I have one of your molecule necklaces! Love love love it!”


“Customer Service, Environment, Quality,

Happy people. Very nice assortment.”


“ Wait Time, Customer Service, Quality

Quality Environment, Customer Service, Wait Time!
Rylie and I love your products. Now Rylie’s twin brother and grandma want jewelry for xmas!

Wonderful people!”


Beautiful quality and people!”