Her Canna Life Features Genifer Murray


Genifer Murray, GENIFER M and Carbon Blue Consulting: a champion for cannabis health, safety and education.

Describe yourself and what you do.

I am a champion for cannabis health, safety and education. GENIFER M Cannabis Inspired Jewelry, however, is about starting the conversation about the positive aspects of cannabis and living an inspired life that makes a difference.

What is your origin story for your canna business?

I started one of the first cannabis testing labs in Colorado in 2010. From the very beginning my organization set high standards for the safe and effective use of cannabis. Our testing methodologies were ahead of the industry, and today, many of the standards we set years ago, have been adopted and are among the ones being used today. Now, I apply this philosophy to everything I do: quality in materials, setting high standards for customer service and being ahead of the competition.

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