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Genifer Murray, Co-Founder, Genifer M Luxury Jewelry & Former CEO & Founder, CannLabs to Emcee Analytical Science Track at 2017 Cannabis Science Conference with jCanna President & Founder, Josh Crossney.
Genifer Murray is a champion of cannabis health and safety and an established expert on cannabis science and business. Genifer co-founded a premium cannabis jewelry line, GENIFER M, with her father who has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. A line of jewelry created to make a difference and start the conversation with cannabis, hopefully, one day helping to end prohibition.

Before that Genifer Founded Carbon Blue Consulting, which provides results-driven science, health and safety, laboratory setup, training, and education intelligence to new and existing cannabis companies. Prior to founding Carbon Blue, Murray was the CEO of CannLabs, the pioneering medical cannabis laboratory she founded in Denver, CO in 2010.

With a passion for science and an entrepreneurial spirit, Genifer has played a key role in the development of a credible, safe, and successful medical marijuana industry in Colorado and across the U.S. She contributed her cannabis testing expertise to the Colorado Governor's task force for the implementation of Amendment 64, and works with state and foreign governments as a leading specialist on responsible legislation.

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