Cannabis-Inspired Necklaces

 Marijuana-Leaf Necklaces &  Molecule Necklaces

Always a great gift - for yourself or someone else - a cannabis-inspired necklace from GENIFER M is a tasteful way to show your support for the marijuana movement. These stylishly designed necklaces are suitable for every occasion and attire.  We have the largest collection of luxury cannabis jewelry in the word. No one's jewelry has greater quality, eye-catching beauty, or originality than the collections at GENIFER M.



What you wear around your neck says just as much about you as your manicure and the way you apply your eyeliner. Whether you pick necklaces that sparkle or shine your personality can be shown off simply by the jewelry you wear. Our long necklaces range anywhere from 24"-35" in length, we have various styles of chains, and they can be layered together. 


Cannabis Necklaces with Precious Stones 

Our precious stone necklaces have an artistic alignment of amethysts, diamonds, or sapphires creating one of a kind marijuana styled jewelry. No matter what your style is, GENIFER M has the best collection of luxury cannabis necklaces. 

Is purple your color? If so, you'll love amethyst jewelry from GENIFER M.  Amethyst is not only a sight to behold, but also the color of royalty and a traditional symbol of peace, tranquility, and protection. Wanting diamonds? We go beyond the industry standard to offer diamonds that originate from ethical and environmentally responsible sources. Our sapphires are definitely pretty in pink! The sapphires in all our GENIFER M collections range in hue and tone from demure light peach to bubblegum pink.




Explore our wonderful collection of finely crafted GENIFER M pendants featuring a wide variety of shapes, marijuana leaves, and materials. Our pendants are generally focal pieces that when incorporated into your necklaces can really showcase your unique cannabis style.