Luxury Marijuana / Cannabis Inspired Jewelry


The Healing Collection

SUPPORT BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH by wearing a beautiful piece of the GENIFER M Healing Collection.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women.  During the month of October a portion of the proceeds of the Healing Collection will be donated to a local breast cancer charity to support this cause.  Thank you for participating! 

GENIFERM Breast Cancer THC Lapel Pin

Breast Cancer Mini THC Lapel Pin

GENIFERM Breast Cancer Sativa Leaf Necklace

Breast Cancer Sativa Leaf Pendant

GENIFERM Breast Cancer THC Molecule Necklace

Breast Cancer Mini THC Necklace

Start the Conversation

What Does Cannabis Mean to You?

GENIFER M was launched to inspire and empower you to start the conversation about cannabis and what it means to you.

Each GENIFER M jewelry collection features four contemporary takes on the marijuana leaf.

Please click on each leaf to see where it is featured throughout the GENIFER M lines.

Sativa Leaf

The Sativa is the traditional marijuana leaf to embrace the classic sex appeal.


The GENIFER M Leaf is the logo leaf and designed to represent inspiration and empowerment.

Modern Leaf

With 5 leaves, the Modern Leaf is designed to change the way cannabis is seen, elevating the traditional leaf.

Modern 7 Leaf

This modern design has 7 leaves that illustrates the progression from pot culture to cannabis couture.

What does cannabis mean to us?

We are the alternative to mass production and traditional cannabis perceptions; we believe in the higher side of purchasing power and style to make a difference in people’s lives. At GENIFER M we want to give you the power to share your story. 

We invite you to start the conversation and join us in the 4 Ls movement.

GENIFER M creates authentic, modern, marijuana inspired jewelry for those who want to make a difference.

It all started from a simple comment…that sparked a conversation…

“I was expressing to my dad Glenn, a lifelong gemologist and globally recognized jeweler, that I was tired of the inexpensive mass produced marijuana leaves that everyone was starting to wear.  I wanted something much more luxurious–a high-end jewelry line that was superbly-crafted, exquisitely detailed and demonstrated that attitudes were changing toward responsible cannabis use. It isn’t just about pot culture anymore… It’s about giving people a choice.” - Genifer Murray, co-founder of GENIFER M

Welcome to GENIFER M’s father-daughter collaborative collection, GENIFER M.  Inspired by passion, handcrafted by experts, and worn proudly by all.

Welcome to Cannabis Couture